Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sightseeing in Cleveland

Now that you're planning on being in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio, you might be asking yourself "What other things can I enjoy besides the wedding?" We're happy to give you some more specific tips, but here are some general options.

Many Cleveland museums can be found near where we went to college, in the University Circle neighborhood, which is about 20 minutes from downtown Cleveland, or about 40 minutes from our ceremony location. Those museums include:

The Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum

Western Reserve Historical Society

Then there are the two major downtown Cleveland museums:

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Great Lakes Science Center

And some others of interest:

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
On the (near) west side, so it's a ways, but it's a good zoo.

James A. Garfield Nat'l Historic Site

In downtown Mentor, under 20 minutes from the wedding venue.

Kirtland Temple
The first temple built by Joseph Smith and his followers. About 10 minutes from the wedding venue.

Amusement Park:

Cedar Point
One of the best in the world, with loads of great roller coasters. It's about 75 minutes west of downtown Cleveland, and well worth the trip if you have the time. Your visit will be during the first major holiday weekend of the season, which is not the best time to see the park, but it's still not to be missed if you've never been and like coasters.

Theater and Performing Arts:
Unfortunately, there are hardly any shows going on at the time of the wedding, since most regular seasons have wrapped up and the summer seasons haven't started yet. Here's what you may still be able to catch:

The Cleveland Orchestra
Ranked as one of the top 5 orchestras in the world; another University Circle institution.

Cain Park
Great summer theater in a lovely outdoor park. If theater isn't available, they run concerts and other performing arts events throughout the summer.

Dobama Theatre
Solid, contemporary theater.

Theater Ninjas
For the more adventurous theater patrons, the Ninjas embrace current (and often edgy) productions. Peter appeared in one of their more recent works, Heddatron (which was, as the name might indicate, a smash up of Hedda Gabler and robots).

Cleveland Public Theater
Excellent and daring theater productions ranging from a modern take on a Japanese Noh play to a one woman show about urban schools, this company is not to be missed.


Both the Cleveland Indians and their east-side minor league team (the Lake County Captains) are out of town for Memorial Day weekend.

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