Monday, January 11, 2010

About Us

Who Are They?

Maria is an assistant prosecuting attorney in the juvenile division of the Lake County Prosecuting Attorney's office in Painesville, Ohio. Her work involves prosecuting delinquent children and representing the Lake County Department of Job and Family Services on abuse, neglect and dependency cases. She received her Juris Doctor from the University of Chicago Law School, and her Bachelor of Arts in psychology and theater arts from Case Western Reserve University.

Peter earned a Bachelor of Arts in theater arts from Case Western Reserve University, and is currently a post-baccalaureate student at John Carroll University completing required mathematics coursework. He will be pursuing a Masters of Education along with a grades 7-12 math license beginning in June 2010, and will complete the program in May 2011.

How did they meet?

Peter and Maria officially met at an unknown time and an unknown location on the nerdy hodgepodge that is the campus of Case Western Reserve University. It probably had something to do with an improv troupe, a student production of Lucky Stiff, or the ever-popular Theater in Culture course. Sometimes they blame a mutual friend or two.

Midway through their sophomore year, Maria found herself drawn to this sweet, smart, funny and cute theater major that kept showing up in all her classes and tagging along with her circle of friends. Peter claims he was pounced on. He has no complaints about being pounced on by such a smart, loving, joy of a person. Eventually they realized they made a pretty good team. After graduation from Case, they spent several years living in Chicago, and currently reside in Mentor-on-the-Lake with their three cats and an always growing collection of books. Don't judge.

Why Now?
Frankly, their calendars opened up. Maria is fairly settled in her office, and Peter has about a month between his spring and summer classes, so they seized the opportunity.

What's Next?
The couple is planning to stay in the Cleveland area for the foreseeable future. In a little over a year, Peter will have completed his Master's and license and be seeking gainful employment in his chosen field. Maria will have learned a little bit more about prosecuting cases. Then they can look for a house, settle down, and feel like real adults. Maybe.

As for a honeymoon, there are a few options on the table, but no decisions have been made. Please share any suggestions you may have!

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